El Personal

 Broden Giambrone (Director)

Broden is a trans activist with over fifteen years’ experience in community organising, activism and capacity building in trans communities. Before joining the ITF, Broden was the Chief Executive of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) for six years. In this position, he took a leadership role in TENI’s high level advocacy and lobbying for the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act 2015, a legal recognition law based on self-determination. Broden also spearheaded TENI’s STAD (Stop Transphobia and Discrimination) campaign which documented violence and discrimination against trans people and raised awareness about transphobia. He is an experienced public speaker and has delivered presentations across the globe and has been published in numerous academic journals and media outlets. Broden has a long record of involvement and leadership in intersectional social justice campaigns related to issues of self-determination, bodily integrity and harm reduction. He holds a Master’s in Public Health (Health Promotion) from the University of Toronto, which focused on community development and policy development in the field of trans health.


Chivuli Ukwimi (Deputy Director)

Chivuli Ukwimi is an international development and public health specialist with years of experience in grant making, philanthropy and organizational development. Chivuli has qualifications in development studies, public health, development finance, international relations and diplomacy from Africa’s top universities with a wealth of experience in developing and implementing social and health justice programmes for marginalized and inadequately served populations across Africa and the globe. Chivuli has managed multiple grant making and philanthropy portfolios within various funding organisations including OSF’s Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and Hivos Southern Africa. Other organisations include Population Services International (PSI) Zambia and Outright Action International. As a transgender woman Chivuli is driven by a personal vision of living in an inclusive world where all people can fully enjoy and realise their inherent rights. Chivuli is a founding member of Friends of Rainka (now Dignitate Zambia) where she served as board chair and African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR) where she served as steering committee member. It is for this reason that she continues to champion and advocate for the human rights of trans diverse persons and trans women’s groups and communities in her native Zambia and across the globe. Away from work Chivuli is an avid traveller, creative writer and aspiring food connoisseur.


 Mukasa (Senior Program Officer)

Mukasa is a lawyer with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Taxation and Revenue Administration. Through the years in trans activism, he has been passionately committed to empowering vulnerable communities through representation in local, regional and international platforms. Mukasa participated in the organizing and establishment of the International Trans Fund. He has strong experience in forced migration and sexual and gender based violence including advocacy with civil society, capacity building of state actors and engagements with health and legal aid providers. He helped co-found Trans Network Uganda. With an active campaign to an intersectionality approach, Mukasa has been instrumental in mentoring the first sexual and gender non-conforming refugee support group ‘Les Anges’. He has participated in strategic litigation cases, legal reform, proposing an all-inclusive health care system, and accountability for sexual offences.


  Viviane Vergueiro Simakawa (Program Officer)

Viviane is a transfeminist activist, researcher and economist based in Brazil. She has 7 years professional experience organizing and participating in initiatives related to SOGIESC issues, specifically within Latin American contexts. She is also a passionate researcher and is currently studying gender identity and expression as a Ph.D. candidate in Women, Gender and Feminist Studies at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Viviane’s involvement with activism and research on trans issues, particularly trans depathologization and initiatives at the local level in Brazil, has significantly influenced her work which is focused on resourcing and supporting trans people in various spheres and contexts. Viviane was previously a member of the ITF’s Steering Committee. She also holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies and a BA in Economics.

Luca Lukina (Communications Associate)
Luca is a nonbinary activist from Kyrgyzstan with more than 7 years of experience. They attended American University of Central Asia (AUCA) and first began their work as a volunteer for Bishkek Feminist Initiatives. Volunteering for a women’s rights NGO sparked their interest in gender and sexuality activism. Significant part of Luca’s career has been focused on media and communications for nonprofits. Prior to joining ITF they held an Advocacy and Education Program specialist position at LGBT organization “Labrys” based in Bishkek. Last year Luca successfully designed and launched sexual and reproductive health awareness campaign  on social media as part of UNFPA project for key populations. In their free time Luca loves running and taking care of plants.

 Anesu Nyatanga (Program Associate)

Anesu studied Social & Cultural Analysis at New York University’s college of arts and science, and he believes in using an intersectional framework to support marginalized individuals in a variety of capacities. He worked with the New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Operations and Civic Engagement Commission. Here he coordinated interpretation services for limited-English proficient voters during NYC elections. While at NYU, he served as the Vice-Chair for the Student Senators Council and as a Senator-at-Large for Black and Trans students. He was the inaugural Gender & Sexuality Chair of the Governance Council for Marginalized and Minority Students, which serves to unify and provide a channel of access to institutional bodies between all student organizations and committees in the Global Network. Additionally, he was one of the thought leaders for Shades, a student group for LGBTQ people of color. On his days off, Anesu loves to weight lift, go to the movies, and argue about pop culture icons with his friends.

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