Funding Webinar: East and Southern Africa

The ITF invites trans-led groups from East and Southern Africa to join us for a webinar on How to Apply to the Fourth Grant Cycle 2020. During this webinar, we will share information about the eligibility criteria, funding priorities and the grant making process. We will also give helpful tips on how to write a strong and competitive application. After the presentation there will be an interactive discussion and an opportunity to ask questions.

Date: October 23, 2019
Time: 1pm (SAST/Johannesburg time)

Register in advance for this webinar.

For more information, contact Vaito’a Toelupe: vaitoat@transfund.org

Funding Webinar: Asia and the Pacific

The ITF invites trans-led groups from Asia and the Pacific to join us for a webinar on How to Apply to the Fourth Grant Cycle 2020. During this webinar, we will share information about the eligibility criteria, funding priorities and the grant making process. We will also give helpful tips on how to write a strong and competitive application. After the presentation there will be an interactive discussion and an opportunity to ask questions.

Date: October 21, 2019
Time: 1pm (ICT/Bangkok time)

Register in advance for this webinar.

For more information, contact Vaito’a Toelupe: vaitoat@transfund.org

Trans Pre-Conference Report

The ITF partnered with UHAI-EASHRI to hold a Trans Pre-Conference as part of Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS) VII on June 18, 2019. The Trans Pre-Conference brought together 35 participants from more than 15 countries in Africa, representing diverse trans sexual and gender minority groups. The main objective of the Trans Pre-Conference was to facilitate the participation of trans activists to engage in discussions on how to strengthen trans movement building in Africa. The agenda was structured to include a mixture of small-group activities and large-group discussions. Each area of the agenda was intentionally sequential, building on previous sessions to connect the threads of discussions and link issues and strategies. Learning was participatory and included plenary discussions, breakout sessions and opportunities to network and share experiences. Read the Trans Pre-Conference Report.

Open Letter on the Situation in Uruguay

The International Trans Fund (ITF) calls on the Government of Uruguay to support the human rights of trans people and reject the call for a referendum on August 4th, 2019. The Government must challenge the campaign of misinformation and the deliberate fear mongering against the trans community.

In October 2018, Uruguay became an international beacon of human rights by passing the Integral Law for Trans Persons which was rooted in compassion, respect and the promotion of dignity of trans people. This progressive piece of legislation affirms the identity of trans people and supports their access to life saving medical treatment, including young trans people who are particularly vulnerable and need support. The law took a pro-active approach to supporting trans people by mandating that 1% of government jobs be reserved for trans people and establishing a pension to compensate transgender people who were persecuted during Uruguay’s 1973-1985 military dictatorship. This law is in line with international human rights best practice such as Yogyakarta Principles plus 10, a set of principles based on the application of international human rights law in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The current misinformation campaign and backlash facing the trans community in Uruguay is disturbing and dangerous. The call for a referendum to repeal this law is based on the malicious targeting of the trans community and the false assertion that this law gives “preferential treatment” to trans people and is unconstitutional. This approach does not espouse democratic principles and fosters hatred, violence and discrimination against this marginalized community.

We also want to express our solidarity with Colectivo Trans del Uruguay and all of civil society in Uruguay who are fighting this injustice. The majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority. The political function of rights is to protect minorities from oppression by majorities. Trans people are valuable and contributing members to Uruguay society and need to be supported through upholding their human rights.

Masen Davis and Ymania  Brown
Co-Chairs of the International Trans Fund

Trans Pre-Conference at CFCS VII

The International Trans Fund (ITF) is looking forward to welcoming you to the Trans Pre-Conference at CFCS VII on June 18, 2019. We are excited to partner with UHAIEASHRI to create a space for almost 40 trans activists from the continent to come together to share experiences, strategize and identify priorities for the pan-African trans movement. We also know that funding is crucial to your work, so as part of the pre-conference we will create a space to meet donors who are funding in Africa and share information on how to apply to the ITF.

We are pleased to share the agenda with you (click here). You can find the full agenda, including descriptions of each session and panelist profiles (click here). Please note that the Trans Pre-Conference will start at 8:30am. Registration will take place between 8:00 – 8:30am.

If you have questions about the Trans Pre-Conference, please contact Mukasa: kimm@transfund.org

UHAIEASHRI are taking care of all the logistics to get you to CFCS. If you have any questions, please contact Roselyn Odoyo: roselyn@uhai-eashri.org

Meet Our New Steering Committee Members

The ITF is delighted to introduce our three new Steering Committee members: Natasha Jiménez, Jabulani (Jabu) Pereira and Wiktor Dynarski. Natasha and Jabu join as activist members who have extensive experience working within global trans movements. Natasha is a Costa Rican trans/intersex activist with 30 years experience. She is currently a Consultant in trans and intersex issues and General Coordinator at Mulabi/Latin American Sexualities and Rights AreaJabu is the Executive Director of Iranti, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has worked in the human rights sector for 27 years. Wiktor joins as a funder representative, currently working as a Program Officer with the Open Society Public Health Program and has a long history of trans activism in Europe. We invite you to learn more about Natasha, Jabu and Wiktor here.


The ITF Welcomes Vaito’a!

The ITF is delighted to announce the appointment of Vaito’a Toelupe as Capacity Building Officer. She is a proud Fa’afafine from the villages of Malie and Vailele in the Heart of Polynesia, Samoa. Vaito’a has over ten years’ experience in community and social development, civil society engagement, resource mobilization, capacity building and advocacy.

Vaito’a has served in both government and civil society sectors. She was a member of the ITF’s Grant Making Panel (GMP) and the Technical Advisor to the Samoa Fa’afafine Association (SFA). Before joining the ITF, she was the Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP), a funding mechanism for the coordination of development funds to civil society in partnership with the Government of Samoa, World Bank, European Union, Government of Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the British High Commission. She has experience as a Private Consultant under T&T Consult with USAID, Asian Development Bank, UNDP Global Fund, UNFPA, Asia Pacific Forum and the Pacific Community (SPC).

Vaito’a has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations and Foreign Policies from the University of Auckland. She is a fearless custodian of the Fa’afafine Identity and passionate advocate for indigenous and traditional identities within the global trans movement.

As Capacity Building Officer, Vaito’a will be supporting the development of ITF’s capacity-building strategy and will work directly with grantee partners and the broader trans movement on capacity-building initiatives.

We are thrilled to welcome Vaito’a to our team! She can be reached at vaitoat@transfund.org

Resourcing Trans Movements

The ITF is deeply committed to funding trans-led groups across the globe to support them to organize, mobilize and resist. Our commitment to participatory grantmaking places accountability, transparency and participation at the center of everything we do. We’re excited to share some of the highlights from the past two grant cycles so you can see where the money is going and what work we are funding (Download the Community Update in English and Spanish here)

ITF Statement on the Assassination of Oscar Cazorla

The International Trans Fund (ITF) stands in solidarity with the Muxhe community after the murder of Oscar Cazorla in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico, on February 9, 2019. We call for an immediate and thorough investigation into this case and other violence that has been directed at the Muxhe community. An activist for over 40 years, Cazorla was well known for advocating for the rights of Muxhe, a third, non-binary Indigenous gender identity that has been celebrated for hundreds of years in Istmo de Tehuantepec, Mexico.

“The tragic murder of Oscar Cazorla leaves a deep wound not just for the Muxhe community but for all those fighting for human rights. Indigenous gender identities are under threat of violence and we stand in solidarity with the Muxhe community at this time. We call for immediate action to end this violence and get justice for Oscar,” said Ymania Brown, Co-Chair of the ITF.   

Cazorla was one of the founders of the Vela de las Autenticas Intrepidas Buscadores del Peligro—which roughly translates as the Vigil of the Authentic, Fearless, Danger Seekers—an annual celebration that promotes the respect of muxhes in Juchitán.

Trans and gender-diverse people are victims of horrifying hate violence across the globe. According to the Trans Murder Monitoring Project November 2018 update, there were 369 reported murders of trans and gender-diverse over the previous year, 71 of these murders were reported in Mexico. Over the last 15 years, five members of the Muxhe community have been assassinated and these cases remain unsolved.

Invitation to bid for Consultancy Services for the Development of ITF’s Strategic Plan

The Steering Committee of the International Trans Fund (ITF) invites bids from consultants to develop and produce our first Strategic Plan (2020-2025).

Terms of Reference

1. Background

The ITF is a trans activist and funder-led initiative that aims to increase the capacity of trans movements globally to self-organize and advocate for trans people’s rights, self-determination and wellbeing. The ITF works to mobilize sustainable resources to help build strong, trans-led movements and collective action, and to address and eliminate funding gaps impacting trans groups across the globe. The ITF is fiscally hosted at Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

As a participatory grantmaker, our strategic planning process seeks to ensure that the ITF is connected and responsive to the needs of global trans movements.

2. Objectives

The overall objective of this consultancy is to develop a Strategic Plan (2020-2025) to ensure that ITF fulfils its mandate and continues to develop as a robust and sustainable organization.

3. Scope of Work

The consultant will write a Strategic Plan for 2020-2025, outlining ITF’s goals, priorities, and guiding principles for the organization’s work. The Strategic Plan should include high level goals, activities and indicators of progress and should be accompanied by a realistic budget projection in terms of income (including concrete sources of funding) and expenditures.

The scope of work for the consultant will include but not be limited to:

  • Analysis of existing ITF documents (reports, Steering Committee minutes, grant applications and reports to donors, etc.).
  • Consultation with members of ITF’s Steering Committee, Grant Making Panel and staff.
  • Stakeholder consultation with activists and current and former ITF grantee partners.
  • Identifying focus areas, developing strategic objectives and key results through a consultative process and application of an appropriate tool of analysis.
  • Proposing a strategy for achieving the strategic objectives and key results.
  • Developing a Results and Resources Framework for the plan period.
  • Holding a meeting with the ITF Steering Committee to validate the draft Strategic Plan.
  • Finalizing the Strategic Plan.

4. Deliverables

The consultant will deliver:

  • A Strategic Plan including a results, capacity building, and resources framework.  
  • Report on the process including stakeholder consultations.

5. Timeframe

A draft Strategic Plan must be presented to the Steering Committee in September 2019. The final Strategic Plan must be completed by November 2019.

6. Institutional Arrangements

The consultant will report directly to the ITF Director. The ITF Working Group will provide relevant background documents necessary for the assignment and shall be responsible for the coordination of meetings and other activities under the consultancy.

7. Experience

  • At least five years professional experience in strategic planning and management.
  • Knowledge of human rights, especially as they relate to the human rights of trans people.
  • Knowledge of participatory grantmaking is an added advantage.

8. Skills and Competencies

  • High level written and oral communications skills in English or Spanish (the ITF’s two official languages).
  • High capability in translating complex data into written reports.
  • Must be result-oriented, a team player, exhibiting high levels of enthusiasm, tact, diplomacy and integrity.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Experience and competency working with trans communities and in international contexts.
  • Excellent interpersonal and professional skills in interacting across cultures and diverse communities with humility, integrity and respect.

9. Additional Considerations

  • Trans people are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants born or who originate from a Global South country are encouraged to apply.

10. Application Process

In order to be considered for this role:

  • Submit a CV/resume, a letter highlighting your relevant qualifications and two references.
  • Attach a short plan for this work, including a proposed timeline and a budget up to a maximum of $30,000 USD. The bid should contain a description of how the development and production of the new Strategic Plan would be carried out, a time plan, estimated number of hours required and cost per hour. Please estimate the time needed for each phase of your proposed consultancy plan.
  • One relevant work sample.

Applications should be emailed to jobs@transfund.org by February 22, 2019.

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