Advice For Applying

Tips for Writing a Strong Application

  • Make sure your application is complete. Fill in all fields of the application form and include the requested details. The ITF will not follow-up on incomplete applications and if it is not complete your application may be considered ineligible.
  • Be clear and concise. This year we are following a strict page limit as this will help us fairly evaluate applications. Applications should not exceed six pages plus the budget template. Font size should be no smaller than 11pt. Please note that to be fair, we will not review materials after six pages. Additional materials (reports, strategic plans, etc.) will not
    be reviewed.
  • Follow the 3-2-1 formula. Due to the strict page limit, you need to be strategic with how you use your space. We suggest that you allocate up to three pages to PART 1: Organizational Background, two pages to PART 2: Funding Request and one page to PART 3: Financial Information and PART 4: Referees.
  • Remember your reviewer. Your application will be reviewed by ITF’s GMP who are trans activists from different parts of the world. This means you should write to your peers, but know they may be peers who know very little about your working context. Trans activists know the importance of your work, just remember to describe its specifics well.
  • Make your application stand out. Be clear about what you will do with the funding and make sure you tell us what impact it will have on your community and the trans movement. The competition for funding is very high and you need to make a case for why your work is important to trans movement building in your region.
  • Be realistic. You are the experts of what needs to be done in your context so tell us what your group wants to do and not what you think we want to hear. The best applications are ambitious but realistic. This also includes the budget – ask for the funding that your group needs to do the work.
  • Check your details. Make sure you check that your contact details, especially your email address, are spelled correctly. If we cannot get in touch with you, it will delay the process.
  • Referees. When you select referees, choose two people that know your group and that will give an honest and thoughtful reference. Remember to inform your referees about your application and the need to respond to our request.

Application Guidelines

This year we have created Application Guidelines that are designed to support you to write a strong and competitive application. Our Guidelines are available in five languages:

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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