Donate to support trans, queer and LGBTQI people affected by the war in Ukraine

The International Trans Fund team is continually monitoring the situation in Ukraine. We are paying close attention to how the war is affecting trans communities and providing support to our partners. 

In this difficult time, many Ukrainians are under attack and they need urgent help. We compiled a list of links to donate to trans, queer and LGBTQI organizations providing vital support to communities affected by this crisis. Every bit makes an impact. Please consider donating to them if you can:

OutRight Action International Fundraiser to Support LGBTQI Ukranians

European Pride Organisers Association Fundraiser to support KyivPride and KharkivPride with emergency funds 

The Alliance Queere Nothilfe Ukraine

Urgent Action Fund’s Urgent Response Fund: Ukraine

Donate Directly to Queer and Young Feminist Organizations

ILGA-Europe’s List of Organizations

AllOut Emergency Funds for Ukraine