Statement from KyivPride

International Trans Fund stands in solidarity with people affected by the war in Ukraine. We are sharing a statement from KyivPride, a Ukrainian LGBT+ organization.
“Today we are facing something that seemed to be impossible in the modern world: a real war. With bombs falling from the sky. With people dying. With soldiers trying to fight back the thoroughly prepared operation of an invasion into Ukraine and turning it into one of the Russian colonies.
As LGBTQI people, we are threatened, and we have no illusion that the Russian government will tolerate us. We need the world to act now.
We need the community around the world, as a political power, to address the government of their country and to call upon them for immediate action. Ukraine needs their help and support right now:
– a no-fly zone over Ukraine to secure Ukrainian airspace and protect civilians from Russian air attacks;
– providing weapons systems to Ukraine immediately;
– providing humanitarian support.
This is a very new way to protect human rights for us. Fighting Russian soldiers today means fighting for freedoms and rights for LGBTQI as well.
Economic sanctions towards Russia must be introduced immediately, including removing Russia from the SWIFT International Payments System. We don’t have time. We are under the threat of bombing and Russians occupying the streets of our cities today.
The Ukrainian LGBTQI community is under huge attack now. This is not only a threat to human rights and freedoms but also a threat to life.
We are scrolling the news not knowing what the next moment will bring. Russians already invaded Ukraine and are coming closer to our houses to take away all we gained after the years and years of our fight for human rights. Please take action. Please call your government to act now.”