ITF Statement on the Assassination of Oscar Cazorla

The International Trans Fund (ITF) stands in solidarity with the Muxhe community after the murder of Oscar Cazorla in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico, on February 9, 2019. We call for an immediate and thorough investigation into this case and other violence that has been directed at the Muxhe community. An activist for over 40 years, Cazorla was well known for advocating for the rights of Muxhe, a third, non-binary Indigenous gender identity that has been celebrated for hundreds of years in Istmo de Tehuantepec, Mexico.

“The tragic murder of Oscar Cazorla leaves a deep wound not just for the Muxhe community but for all those fighting for human rights. Indigenous gender identities are under threat of violence and we stand in solidarity with the Muxhe community at this time. We call for immediate action to end this violence and get justice for Oscar,” said Ymania Brown, Co-Chair of the ITF.   

Cazorla was one of the founders of the Vela de las Autenticas Intrepidas Buscadores del Peligro—which roughly translates as the Vigil of the Authentic, Fearless, Danger Seekers—an annual celebration that promotes the respect of muxhes in Juchitán.

Trans and gender-diverse people are victims of horrifying hate violence across the globe. According to the Trans Murder Monitoring Project November 2018 update, there were 369 reported murders of trans and gender-diverse over the previous year, 71 of these murders were reported in Mexico. Over the last 15 years, five members of the Muxhe community have been assassinated and these cases remain unsolved.

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