Future Frontiers of Trans Activism

The ITF is very excited to invite you to an upcoming webinar on June 12. Titled “Future Frontiers of Trans Activism” this virtual event serves as a platform to delve into the emerging strategies, aspirations, obstacles, and achievements of trans activists worldwide. We aim to foster dialogue that inspires participants to envision bold futures and take concrete steps towards ensuring that trans rights are not just recognized, but celebrated. This webinar will feature 4 speakers who are trans activists representing various regions. Stay tuned as we announce them soon!

Our goal is to provide a space for sharing diverse backgrounds, insights, struggles, and challenges. We firmly believe that through solidarity, transparent communication, and collaborative efforts, we can ignite meaningful collective action.

Date: June 12th

Time: 10 AM ET

Platform: Zoom

Register: https://us06web.zoom.us/…/reg…/WN_u7FsDbbKQf6o02d2tu951w

Please mark your calendar and join us for what promises to be an empowering discussion. Your presence and participation are invaluable as we collectively strive for a future where trans voices are uplifted and trans rights are fully realized.

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