8th Grant Cycle Update

The ITF is thrilled to provide an update on the progress of our 8th grant cycle. Currently, the GMP is diligently reviewing and scoring the eligible applications we received. Each application undergoes a thorough evaluation process to ensure that it aligns with our mission and that the applying groups are trans-led. The dedication and expertise of our GMP members plays a crucial role in this stage, as they carefully assess each proposal based on various criteria.

As we move forward, the highest-scoring applications will advance to the next phase of review at the GMP in-person meeting, scheduled to take place in Mexico City in June. This meeting presents an opportunity for in-depth discussions and deliberations. At this meeting, the GMP members will select the 8th cycle grantee partners and allocate funding. We look forward to the outcomes of the selection process and the positive impact it will have on supporting trans-led initiatives.

Over the past three months, the GMP has actively engaged in a series of virtual meetings, encompassing a wide range of topics and activities. These sessions have served as opportunities for capacity building, knowledge sharing, and fostering team cohesion.

Training sessions have provided GMP members with essential insights to effectively carry out their roles in the application review process. Regional discussions, where each participant had a chance to present their local context, have deepened the understanding of some of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by trans communities in different parts of the world.

A team cohesion meeting provided an informal space for GMP members to connect, collaborate, and build relationships with one another. Additionally, a recent check-in meeting allowed the GMP to address any questions or concerns related to the application review process, ensuring clarity and alignment moving forward.

Here is an overview of the applications received in our 8th grant cycle by region and language. This diverse array of submissions reflects the global reach and impact of our work at the ITF. The total number of eligible applications we recieved this year is 382.

We extend our gratitude to all the applicants who shared their inspiring projects and visions with us. We look forward to the selection process ahead and the opportunity to support impactful initiatives!

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