The Annual Report is Out

Dear trans communities, movements, activists, dear philanthropic partners, dear friends,

Several years ago we came together to form the International Trans Fund (ITF) to strengthen trans movements and gender-diverse communities so that our voices are heard and we can achieve the full recognition of our rights. The past year proved that, even when the daily oppressions and attacks against our siblings, trans women of color, sex workers, immigrants and many others, are paired with a global pandemic and a wave of disregard for our needs and livelihoods, trans groups and organizations are fighting for better lives with unbelievable grit, grace and devotion. We at the ITF are honored and humbled to be a part of this movement, and we strive to bolster and contribute to the hard work of frontline activists in the best way we can.

Our mission is to create lasting change to the realities of trans movements globally, and to do so, we must work for the social recognition of our identities and experiences in a complex, global setting, and an ever-changing one. Many of our trans siblings are deprived of liberty, many are not recognized by the hegemonic cultures violating their rights, many are facing oppressive prison and police states, racism, sexism, and socioeconomic injustice. We see clearly that the years of the pandemic impoverished our communities even further, pushing many people further into precarity, displacement, migration, and crisis.

As the ITF, we feel and worry about these harsh realities our communities live in. We want our work to help fund and strengthen these struggles and the dignity of our movements. We do this to the extent of our possibilities, trying to reach as many communities as feasible.

As the Board of the International Trans Fund, we feel deeply privileged to be able to offer our support and be part of this work, and we vow to keep rising to the challenge. Together we will guarantee a better world for the generations to come.

It is impossible to fully capture the strength, diversity and devotion of trans movements. As you flip through this Annual Report, you will see to a fuller extent the growth we were fortunate enough to experience as the ITF, and the impact fostered through our grantee partners.

Thanks to the support of our own funders, we are steadily growing our capacity, striving to issue more grants, to more groups, across more countries and communities, because the sorrow and hardships of trans communities are still too often overlooked and inadequately addressed.

This last year, the ITF awarded its 5th grant cycle. We organized support and webinars for hundreds of our grantee partners and applicants, advocated for more resources to be made available, and mobilized funds for trans movements. And this was just the overture. The ITF continues to become an effective and sustainable long-term mechanism of resourcing trans-led groups, and a recognized partner for philanthropic engagement.

Chaber & Alejandra Collette Spinetti Núñez – Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee in 2021

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