ITF & Astraea Announcement

The International Trans Fund (ITF) and Astraea are thrilled to announce that the ITF began operations as an independent and autonomous organization as of January 1, 2022. 

The ITF is the only global participatory grantmaker exclusively dedicated to supporting trans-led groups as they work to secure rights for trans people and improve their lived realities. Since the ITF’s 2016 inception, Astraea has acted as fiscal host to ITF, to ensure it has the necessary operational support needed to grow and develop as an organization. Through this partnership, the ITF has been able to disburse $3.867M to 133 trans-led groups in 80 countries. 

With over 40 years of its own grantmaking experience moving resources to LGBTQI movements and an unwavering commitment to supporting trans and non-binary communities, Astraea has offered critical technical support, guidance, and mentorship to the ITF. This partnership has represented both organizations’ deep-rooted commitment to resourcing trans movements and facilitating the growth of trans activist leadership across the globe. 

The ITF’s transition to becoming an autonomous organization marks an important moment in the organization’s history. As a lesbian feminist fund that has always been committed to self-determination, Astraea congratulates the ITF on this transition, and will always stand in solidarity with the ITF as a partner and ally. Together Astraea and the ITF  look forward to continuing our close partnership to move resources and shift power to trans movements across the globe. 


In solidarity,

Joy Chia

Executive Director, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice


Broden Giambrone

Director, International Trans Fund