Terms of Reference for Recruitment Consultant

The International Trans Fund seeks a consultant to design and implement a hiring process with particular attention to addressing underlying bias and structural inequalities for trans people in accessing employment in a global setting and create a written organizational policy that includes findings and recommendations.

Overview of the International Trans Fund 

The International Trans Fund (ITF) is a participatory grantmaking fund. The staff manages the daily operations of the fund and, along with the Steering Committee which is made up of trans activists and donors, leads the strategic development processes of the fund. The Grant Making Panel, composed entirely of trans activists, is in charge of assessing proposals and awarding grants. Currently the ITF is fiscally hosted by Astraea Foundation and plans to become incorporated as an independent entity in the coming years.

The mission of the ITF is to mobilize and facilitate sustainable resources for strong, trans-led movements, and collective action, and to address and eliminate funding gaps impacting trans groups across the globe. We strive to be a dynamic, responsive and intersectional organization. Collectively, we come from multiple places, histories, experiences, politics, and identities. We value the diversity of trans movements (including gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, geography, language, age, disability, religion, class/socioeconomic status), and respect each other, acknowledging we have different levels of power and privilege. We work together with integrity and hold ourselves accountable to trans movements. We strive to be transparent in our work. We are aware of the unique role we play as a trans-led funder both in terms of global resource dynamics and in terms of enabling trans movements across the world. 

Background to this Work

In spite of having already disbursed $2.677 million to trans-led groups across the globe since our first grantmaking cycle in 2017, the ITF is still a young organization, deep in the process of learning, forming and institutionalizing. We have a long way to go to become a sustainable funder, including increasing our available resources, staff capacities, internal policies and controls. Our first Strategic Plan (2021-2025) will direct our further development. In our growth we are committed to thoughtful progress and putting our values into practice with each step taken. As our grantmaking and philanthropic advocacy work expands, so will our staff structure. Currently we have four staff members and will soon be opening another position. At this point in time we wish to focus efforts on ensuring that our hiring processes are fit for purpose, sustainable and robust, and that they do not reproduce colonial, racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic power structures present in our societies. With the support of a Consultant, we aim to design a hiring process that operationalizes these principles and allows the ITF to build a solid foundation for future development of staff structures and employment policies.

Role of the Consultant

The consultant(s) will be tasked with:

  • Working with the Executive Director and Co-Chairs to design and develop the recruitment process  for an upcoming Deputy Director job opening, utilizing an intersectional approach and anti-oppressive framework (e.g. support with the development of the job description and application package, support with dissemination and outreach, etc.).
  • Participating in the application review and interview process (including support with designing the interview process and questions).  
  • Developing an organizational policy and actionable recommendations for the ITF on hiring and recruitment processes based on this process and good practice.

The Consultant is expected to act in an advisory capacity, and to utilize their expertise to guide the work. The Executive Director and Co-Chairs will lead on these processes and hold decision-making powers in terms of the recruitment itself. The Steering Committee will be charged with final review and approvals of any policy.

Expected Deliverables

A written organizational policy that includes findings and recommendations to the ITF (March 2021). 

Role Requirements 

The consultant should have working experience in areas described in this Terms of Reference, and in particular should: 

  • Have a proven track record in cooperation with civil society on organizational development, especially in the scope of development of practical policies which support the implementation of organizational objectives and adhere to values.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply an intersectional lens and anti-oppression framework to employment and human resources, in particular understand the effects that a history of colonialism and imperialism, structural inequalities, power and privilege have on trans and other marginalized communities, and in a global setting.
  • Demonstrate an ability to question and systemically counter (unconscious) bias in the context of human resources. 
  • Be able to carry out the work and communicate in written and spoken English.
  • Track record of working with and knowledge of trans movements would be an advantage.
  • Given that the other stake-holders of this process may be located across up to 20 different time zones, have flexibility of conducting online meetings outside of standard working hours. The times of meetings will be set up with accessibility and justice in mind. 

Timeline and Length of Engagement

The engagement should start towards the end of March 2021 and finish by end of June 2021. The estimated time investment is 7-10 working days.

The consultant will work under ITF’s supervision. The ITF’s management will provide support and guidance as needed throughout the different phases of the consultancy.  

Application Process

Interested parties should submit a 2-3 page proposal to [email protected] by March 21st, 2021. This proposal should include:

  • Details of the Consultant’s skills and experience relevant to the outlined role and requirements.
  • Detailed description of the envisaged approach and deliverables.
  • Outline of principles and considerations that would guide the Consultant’s work.
  • Financial offer including a daily rate and number of days of work planned.
  • One relevant, recent reference.  

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The ITF intends to make a decision by March 26th, 2021. All candidates will receive a response.