Introducing the ITF’s Third Cycle Grantee Partners

The ITF made our first grant in 2017 and since then we have disbursed $1.815 million dollars to 75 trans-led groups in 51 countries. Now we would like to introduce you to our third cycle grantee partners. These groups were selected by the ITF’s Grant Making Panel, a group of trans and gender non-conforming activists who review each eligible application that we receive to our annual call for applications.

This year we are thrilled to support 38 trans-led organizations in 32 countries. These organizations are doing incredible work on the frontlines, often in very hostile contexts and with limited resources. We are proud to support organizations that are promoting trans leadership and working intersectionally. We invite you to learn more about the ITF’s third cycle grantee partners and join us in celebrating and amplifying this powerful movement building work.

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