Month: June 2021

FAQ: All About the ITF’s Grantmaking

We’re very excited to share a new resource that explains our grantmaking and how we make decisions at the ITF. We believe that in order to disrupt power dynamics in philanthropy, we need to be intentionally and continuously transparent and accountable to trans movements about how we allocate resources and how decisions get made.

Last week our Grant Making Panel (GMP) met to select grantee partners for the 5th grant cycle. This will be the ITF’s largest grant cycle yet, but even so we are only able to fund 14% of the eligible applications we received from trans-led groups this year. As we share the results with the applicants, we know some groups will feel excitement and joy at becoming grantee partners while others will be frustrated and disappointed at not being selected for funding. We want to share information about how these difficult decisions get made and provide information to support groups that are interested in applying for funding in our next cycle.

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FAQ: All About the ITF’s Grantmaking

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