Month: May 2020

ITF Welcomes Cleopatra Kambugu to the Steering Committee

The ITF is delighted to introduce Cleopatra Kambugu as the newest member of our Steering Committee.

Cleo is based in Uganda and is a Director of Programmes at UHAI EASHRI, an indigenous activist fund that resources sex worker, trans, non binary, intersex, gender minorities and LGB sexual minorities and their organising in the seven Eastern African countries of Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, with broader strategic support to Pan African organising. In this position she oversees UHAI’s programmes which revolve around grantmaking, capacity support, knowledge evaluation and learning. She serves on the Advisory activist Board of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, the Global Philanthropy Project’s Trans and Intersex working group and TGEU’s TMM and TvT advisory committee to provide an Afrocentric lens to trans funding and organising on the continent.

Cleo is also a protagonist in the world acclaimed documentary and web docu series The Pearl of Africa, which chronicles her journey navigating health as a trans person in East Africa, negotiating shifting family relationships as she transitions and speaking to the universality and affirmation of trans love and their partners.

We invite you to learn more our Steering Committee members here.